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Port RTG & Quay Crane Retrofit

SEABOARD have won the tender in Johor Port and completed the Port RTG cranes retrofit works on the CC07, 08, 15 & 17 (4 Cranes).

The scope consisted provision of experienced & skillful workforce, electrical cables, paints & other necessary materials to carry out the following package:


  • Supply and refurbishment of electrical cables with components for entire crane electrical and automation system including commissioning of cranes.

  • Structure treatment of Chemical HP wash, Power tooling and spray painting of entire cranes.

  • Supply and new installation of ladders for cranes


We deployed our Technical team for entire retrofit period and successfully carried out the full turnkey project and completed in 45 days without delay including commissioning of cranes up to Vendors satisfactory. As part of SEABOARD value offering of not just delivering of the components but of committing for a turn-key solutions.

In essence, SEABOARD has delivered feasibility, fabrication, project management, local authority formalities logistic, installation, supervision and commissioning services.

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